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Harvard University

Widener Library Facade Renovation
Value ($)
Size (SF)
Einhorn Yaffee Prescott
Start date
End date
  • Utilities Relocation & Facade Restoration
  • Facade renovation & cleaning
  • Utility relocation
  • Library remained open and operating on the normal schedule
  • After Lee Kennedy Co.’s success with the interior renovation of Widener Library, the team returned to complete a subsequent utilities relocation project. The team separated the storm water and sanitary systems and completed a full exterior façade renovation to clean the brick and stone exterior.
  • The chemical-free cleaning and restoration process involved construction of staging and a water run-off system, as well as specific measures for protecting the landscaping
  • As with Phases I and II, the library remained open and in full operation throughout construction. Pedestrian traffic was rerouted to avoid potential hazards while accommodating the daily flow of students, faculty, staff and visitors