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Moxy Hotel

Value ($)
Size (SF)
Stantec/Group One Partners

Preconstruction and construction services

  • 25-story hotel with 340-keys
  • 4,000 square-foot lot adjacent to the Wilbur Theatre
  • 25 caissons, 10 mini piles
  • Cast-in-place concrete structure
  • Glass and metal curtain wall exterior, precast “swoop” entry feature and minimal brick façade
  • High-end interior finishes combined with exposed concrete finishes
  • Project includes open-air terrace deck, second-floor bar, meeting and function rooms, fitness center and assembly space
  • Rooms are designed with a small footprint, open storage, unique bathroom vanities and edgy graphics that convey a theatre theme
  • Challenges include tight workspace, maintaining access for the Wilbur Theatre patrons and stage deliveries and relocation of existing utilities